Trading in a Treadmill Market

Diana Avigdor on trading in the “Treadmill Market”

May 29, 2018

Aecon Chart

Did Canada Make the Right Call on Aecon?

May 25, 2018

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Despite a sloppy couple of weeks headed into earnings, NYSE Bullish % and Nasdaq Bullish % remain positive. US equity market breadth still showing to be very resilient by this measure. If things were getting serious we would expect to see those measures turn down in advance.

There's an unexpected impact from ride sharing and car hailing services. #ridesharing #carhailing

There's an unexpected impact from ride sharing and car hailing services. #ridesharing #carhailing

Barometer News

Top Kinder Morgan Canada investor urges Trans Mountain shutdown

Barometer’s CEO, Greg Guichon, weighed in on Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain pipeline on BNN recently. “I’ve talked to them and I’ve suggested that they shut their main [Trans Mountain] pipeline down.” Read the full story on BNN.

Barometer Disciplined Leadership Balanced Fund Awarded FundData A+ Award

We are very proud to have received Fundata’s A+ Award for our Barometer Disciplined Leadership Balanced Fund ~ Awarded on January 25, 2018 for the calendar year of 2017. Pictured (left to right) Barometer’s Brian MacNicol, Jim Schetakis and Adam Jacobson. The FundGrade rating system assesses Canadian investment funds  using three risk-adjusted performance metrics: Excess

The rate at which Americans are quitting their jobs is on the rise…and that’s a good thing.

An upward trend in the job quitting rate in the U.S. signals strength in the labour market. Why? In good times people are more likely to quit their jobs because getting a new job is generally easier. When the economy starts to weaken, employees recognize these signals early and change their behaviour, making them far


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