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David Burrows Market Update | May 27, 2019

Volatility has Remained Muted Throughout May Our view is that we continue to be in a secular bull market which began in 2013. After experiencing a large correction in late 2018, the recovery experienced in 2019 has been strong. After making new all time highs we have traded back into support levels. Fundamentals remain strong

Regarding the Latest Trade News from May 5

A Message from David Burrows With the overnight news on China impacting markets, it’s worth reviewing the current market positioning. I have always found that it is not the news that is most important, but rather the way the market reacts to news and the backdrop that the market is working against. We came into the weekend

Is the Long Running Bull Alive and Healthy?

Is the Long Running Bull Alive and Healthy?    A Market Video Update with David Burrows Through the first quarter of 2019, the equity bull market has re-established its strength and the leadership themes dominant in 2016 through early 2018 have resumed. The reflationary themes evident leading up to the sharp 2018 correction have re-emerged and

David Burrows Market Update | March 13, 2019

Short-Term Indicators Have Turned Up (five-minute video)  Short-Term Market Indicators Have Turned Positive David Burrows, President and Chief Investment Strategist at Barometer Capital, provides a follow-up to his March 1, 2019 update. While we did see a turndown in market indicators on March 11, as of March 13, short-term market indicators began to turn

Diana Avigdor’s Market Insights | March 4, 2019

Diana comments on the Recent Market Sell-Off and More “Investors should be very happy year-to-date.” Diana Avigdor, Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Head of Trading at Barometer Capital Management Inc. gives her take on the current market on BNN Bloomberg’s The Close. Diana notes on the recent market sell-off that “this is actually a healthy