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Diana Avigdor’s Market Insights | 9 January 2019

Information flows through prices and markets much faster than ever before “All the market wanted to hear is that the Fed is data dependent” Diana Avigdor, Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Head of Trading at Barometer Capital Management Inc. gives her take on the current market on BNN Bloomberg’s The Close. “You can see how

As we approach year-end, Diana Avigdor shares her market insights

Diana Avigdor shares her views on what has been “a tough couple of months” and what is happening now. The market may be moving away from fundamentals and more into risk management. So what does it mean when the market’s quiet? Watch this four-and-a-half-minute video from BNN Bloomberg for Diana’s views. Learn more about investing

David Burrows on the unusual simultaneous decline of stocks and bonds

David Burrows, President and Chief Investment Strategist at Barometer Capital, appeared on BNN Bloomberg today to share his thoughts on the unusual and “unnerving” simultaneous decline of stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds this year have done something they don’t usually do: fall at the same time. Watch this three-minute video as David discusses the

David Burrows’ Market Update for November 22, 2018

“Are we in a bull market correction?” (10 minute video) Barometer’s President and Chief Investment Strategist, David Burrows, with a market update In this video, David addresses the question: are we in a bull market correction, or is this morphing into a bear market? Watch the video now. Learn more about investing with Barometer At

David Burrows’ Market Update, November 5, 2018

“What’s on the other side of the wicked season.” (six-minute video) Barometer’s President and Chief Investment Strategist, David Burrows, with a short-term market update Some of David’s key points include: Following a “wicked” down month, we saw the percentage of stocks trading above the 50-day and 150-day moving averages turn higher. The universe of optionable

Will the Market Rebound be Sustainable?

Diana Avigdor, Head of Trading at Barometer Capital, weighs in on the recent market activity. Will the market rebound be sustainable? “It requires more than one-and-a-half days of rally to correct the carnage we have seen so far,” says Diana Avigdor. Watch Diana’s full segment from BNN Bloomberg’s The Close, to hear more. Learn more